Direct .UK Launches 10th June

Nominet (the .UK Registry) officially announced on Twitter, and shortly after on their site & via their mailing list that on 30th January that direct .UK registrations like will be made available on 10th June 2014.

They also announced the new Registrar Agreement at the same time which I’ll go into details on another time.

With the announcement comes the much-anticipated website with more information for consumers on what the change means and how it will affect them –

The new website also highlights a new feature of their WHOIS database, it now returns results for .UK domains clearly showing who will get first right of refusal on the new 2nd Level .UK domains.

For example, if you take a look for “” you’ll see that I’ll be able to get the first rights (which I will happily take up of course) to secure DanRodgers.UK thanks to my existing registration –

If you’re interested in getting your own .UK domain and you already own the .CO.UK version and in some cases the .ORG.UK you can check if you’re in line using the tool, if you own the domain which is listed as “Right of registration” then you’re in.

Can I get my desired .UK?

If you registered your domain before 23:59 on 28th October 2013 and there are no other registrations under,,,, or  for the same name, you should be able to get it.

If there are 2 or more registrations with the same name then the .CO.UK owner will be offered the .UK version. If the .CO.UK version wasn’t registered by the 28/10/13 then it will be offered to the .ORG.UK owner, then .ME.UK and so on.

.CO.UK domains registered between now and .UK launch will also be entitled to the .UK version so long as there aren’t any other matching .UK domains already.

If you’re entitled to the .UK when it launches, and want to make sure you stay up to date with the latest developments and secure your domain as soon as they hit the market you can register your interest on Tsohost (where I work as Domains Manager) here:

I’m always happy to answer any questions, do feel free to drop me a message via the Contact page.

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First gTLDs are live…

A few days ago internet history was made when the first of the new gTLDs were officially delegated and went live in the Root Nameservers.

This signals the start of the largest expansion of top-level domains in the DNS root in internet history, growing from 22 gTLDs to what will eventually be more than 1400 new possibilities.
ICANN[1.] promises the vast selection of new options will open up more competition and more choice for consumers when choosing the right domain to represent their needs on the internet.

The first 4 new gTLDs which have been delegated by ICANN are all internationalized domain names or “IDNs”, this is no coincidence as ICANN specifically gives priority to IDNs to help create an inclusive global internet, broadening the growing non-latin speaking internet community engagement with the increasingly global and multi-lingual internet.

The 4 IDN TLDs which are now in the root zone:

.xn--ngbc5azd (شبكة.) — means “.web” in Arabic. Operated by dotShabaka Registry.
.xn--unup4y (.游戏) — means “.games” in Chinese. Operated by Donuts.
.xn--80aswg (.сайт) — means “.site” in various Cyrillic languages. Operated by CORE Association.
.xn--80asehdb (.онлайн) — means “.online” in various Cyrillic languages. Operated by CORE Association.

What does this mean for the registries?

Now that the first TLDs have finally been delegated the registries can get to work on launching their Sunrise periods. During sunrise trademark holders are able to apply for their marks as domain names. Registries are required to offer a sunrise period of no less than 30 days, after this they can go into General availability where anyone can register them.

First live domains?

Due to a clause in the Registry Agreement (RA) (3.1 of specification 5)[2.] only nic.TLD can be activated – in fact it MUST be active in the DNS.

Registries need to wait 120 days after signing their contracts before they can put other domains live due to collision concerns, although this is extremely unlikely with IDN gTLDs.

The first registry with a live site was :

The CORE association and others in the IDN community are somewhat frustrated by this clause as they are unable to launch with a native language domain, and instead required to use nic.TLD[3.]

What about the others nTLDs?

There are many more new gTLDs which are set to launch and which are at various stages still, we will likely see many more gTLDs making their way into the root zone in the coming months and years.

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VAT Validator Tool

Simple validator for EU VAT numbers, just enter the VAT number (including the country code) and see immediately if it’s valid.

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Domino’s Pizza Chooser

This is a small script which was created about a year ago after a trip to Domino’s where a few of my friends (Maths Degree Students) and I noticed Domino’s claim on the number of combinations possible with their pizza toppings, naturally we all wanted to prove/disprove the figure… and along the way the Domino’s Pizza Chooser was born. Put simply it generates a random pizza combination using both Size, Base, Sauce and Toppings. Give it a whirl!

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How to secure a cPanel server against BEAST attacks

Last year a previously theoretical attack surfaced which can allow TLS security to be manipulated and weakened, it’s a simple attack and one which a simple configuration change can patch. Learn more about the BEAST attack on TLS here.

To patch Apache in cPanel is a simple 2 step process.

Step 1:

Login to WHM and navigate to: Service Configuration -> Apache Configuration -> Global Configuration

Here select the custom option for “SSL Cipher Suite” and enter the following:


Click Save, then click, Rebuild Configuration and Restart Apache to compile the config change.

Step 2:

In WHM navigate to: Service Configuration -> Apache Configuration -> Include Editor

Select “All Versions” under the “Pre VirtualHost Include” section.

In the text box enter the following:

SSLHonorCipherOrder On

Click Update, then Restart Apache.

Your cPanel server should now be patched against the BEAST TLS attack, you can verify this using a security checking tool such as SSLLabs.

Tools: Pingdom Probe IPs

Pingdom helpfully offer a RSS feed of their monitoring nodes ( unfortunately, it’s messy, poorly constructed and not simple to extract a nice list of IPs out of so you can add them to your firewalls.

I created a simple script which extracts the IPs from this XML feed and present a list of IPs in both plain-text and HTML.

The output can easily be copied into the allow list in your firewall configuration and the list is updated real-time from Pingdom themselves!

Plain Text:


HTML Output (in iframe):

Listen for free on Spotify EllieGouldingVEVO

Cancelled: WHMCS Domain Due Date Syncer

UPDATE: As WHMCS themselves have (finally) implemented a basic version of this I am discontinuing development on this particular module – Not a lot of point duplicating something which is now inbuilt.

It can be a struggle dealing with domains as a provider, as often clients pay late out of habit (or company policy) which when it comes to domains can be both painful, and costly if the tld doesn’t have a Renewal Grace Period (or just a really short one). This can lead to domains entering restoration periods where it costs considerably more to renew the domain.

The Domain due date syncer (I couldn’t think of a shorter name, sorry) is a simply module which alters Active domain’s next due date to be the expiry date minus X days.

This can be set from the Module Options and defaults to 7 days.

This hooks into the daily cronjob and runs each day with that which should ensure new domains are updated and old ones are kept in sync with renewals and other changes, however if required it can also be run from the Addons page.

This module is pretty much ready to go so I hope to have it packaged up and available pretty soon and am looking at offering a yearly leased license for £10/year or  an owned license for £20.

For future releases:

I’m planning to expand on this module to enable admins to set different periods depending on the domains TLD, so you can set a domain with a TLD with no renewal grace period 10 days, but one which has 30 days grace just 3 as an example.

Any comments, or anything you’d like to see in this module please leave a comment below or contact me. – Online Casino Spellen

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Coming soon: WHMCS Scheduler

Often when running a web hosting business you find you want to make changes such as price or even configurations at a specific time, and sitting at the PC 24/7 isn’t always the best option.

I’ve been developing the “WHMCS Scheduler” which enables me to easily schedule database changes, which are then executed by minutely cron.

At the moment I am looking at having “Add” types, Domain Price change, Product Price change and “raw” db change.

The module isn’t quite ready for release yet as I am looking at making the add forms much prettier (as you can see it’s a quite ugly). I’m also looking to add a lot more features to enable web hosts to easily configure and manage changes, and making it all much more user-friendly.

Any comments on this, or suggestions PLEASE leave in the comments or contact me directly as it will all help make the first released version awesome. 🙂

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Welcome to my new home on the web,!

With a brand new domain and an awesome new design I hope this site can properly showcase my projects past and present, while providing a central hub for all things Dan.

I will be doing my best to keep the blog updated with the projects I am currently working on as well as details on new releases and some useful code snippets, scripts and other interesting stuff. Watch this space.


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